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5 Secrets to Negotiating Your Perfect Salary
Did you know 60% of Tech Workers feel underpaid?
And the #1 reason is because many Developers lack good negotiation skills.
I have spent my career learning the best techniques to help me gain the salary I desire. Over the last five years, I have taught these techniques to my students, watching them succeed over and over again. Now, I want to share this information with as many people as I can. To help take the fear out of asking for a raise and start getting paid what you are worth. 

I designed this course to arm you with a plan that will allow you to confidently go into your next interview or performance review and walk away with the salary you desire
 Learn how to calculate your market worth
Learn how to leverage your accomplishments to significantly increase your salary
 Learn how to use calibrating questions that will provide you the information you need to negotiate effectively
Learn the top mistakes people make even before they start negotiating
Course Cost - $49.95
Pre-Order Price - $19.95
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